At Meetings That Work we believe passionately that a well-run meeting can be a real powerhouse, moving an organisation forward and ensuring key decisions are made. Like all skills, running a meeting is something you can learn how to do. We deliver a comprehensive range of services to ensure you have a Meeting That Works:

Training courses to enable everyone to play their part in a Meeting That Works includes:

  • How to lead a Meeting That Works
  • How to be a valued delegate at a meeting
  • Effective minute taking
  • Organising Meetings That Work
  • Provision of an experienced meeting Facilitator to assist you planning and running meetings

Assistance developing an internal resource that can facilitate meetings These services offer a flexible way to ensure you have Meetings That Work Being able to run an effective meeting is recognized as a valuable skill for a manager. Sometimes the role is thrust onto a manager or over time they can develop bad habits. At Meetings That Work we can work with you on a one to one basis to build and reinforce your skills in running meetings. Often it can be valuable to get impartial feedback and develop an action plan to ensure all your meetings are Meetings That Work. Click here to discuss your needs

We are also able to host and facilitate meetings using our fully equipped meeting room in Lichfield. To see images of the meeting room, please visit the Advantage House web site.