Sometimes, even though you may be the meeting owner, you need to be part of the discussions and the decision making process. When there are difficult issues to cover, it can be a challenge both to focus on the issue at hand and to ensure that the meeting works. This is when using a facilitator can be a very effective method to ensure that potentially difficult meetings are successful.

Find out what a facilitator does.

At Meetings That Work we can provide an experienced facilitator to work with you and your team. They will help you define what you want to achieve from the meeting and then develop a plan for the meeting to ensure you’re successful. If you decide you like this approach we can train your staff and develop their skills so they can be your own facilitation team. Sometimes we find that organisations can benefit from a Meetings That Work facilitator setting the direction for the group and working “hands on” in the organisation. Building on this approach we can then train a team of internal facilitators so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of facilitated meetings. Click here for more details.