Meetings That Work

An invitation to a meeting arrives in your Inbox – How do you feel?

  • Excited and raring to go
  • Your heart sinks and you think about all those wasted hours…

Meetings can be difficult – no objectives or aims, people talking over each other, no decisions being made. Often organisations seem to think managers learn to run meetings by osmosis and they offer no training or support. Younger managers learn bad habits from more established managers so the culture of meetings deteriorates…

But help is at hand! At Meetings That Work we understand how to turn meetings from long winded talking shops into focused and productive powerhouses, from dreaded events into tightly focused sessions:

  • Work with us to develop the skills of your staff so they know how to hold Meetings That Work
  • Let us come and show you how it is done – we can come and facilitate meetings for you to get you on the right track
  • We can also host your meetings in our well equipped meeting room in Lichfield
  • Follow our blog and learn handy tips and tricks to help your meetings become effective and focused Just think of the benefits to your organisation if all the meetings were Meetings That Work

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